Stained Glass Door Inserts

Stained Glass doorlites will let significant amounts of natural light in while you maintain your privacy. Simply, this little change to your entrance will bring a big change to your home.

When we are asked to come visit your home, we will bring a wide variety of doorlites with us. We will go through all of them with you and if you find one you like we will install it for you immediately.

We have been selling doorlites , sidelites and transoms since 1991. When you purchase a doorlite from us we can match it up with your sidelites, transom or any other window in your home, all at reasonable prices.  All of these fine pieces of glass are hand crafted in Ontario. You can choose from many different types of caming.  Caming is the metal work that holds the glass together.  The most popular one is black chrome but you can also choose from other camings. They are brilliant brass, pewter, natural brass, antique patina, chrome silver, and copper.

There are also many different choices of glass textures available. With our experience, we can make suggestions as to what we feel would look the best. Most customers are able to pick one of our in stock doorlites as they are tastefully designed.


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